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I have created this page to explain how 'direct linking' or 'hotlinking' uses up bandwidth. I have battled with the problem of Hot linking or direct linking for a long time. This is when people want to use an image either to place on their own Website, Blog, Internet pages/groups (msn, myspace, facebook and twitter etc) or in Emails. They copy and paste the image, or place the URL of the image into their emails or html page, or blog/forum, so that the image is displayed there, without uploading it to their own computer. The problem with doing that is every time when others view that page or email, it uses the bandwidth from the site where the image is stored. In essence, it is stealing bandwidth from the other site they got it from.

Here is an example of what it looks like to direct link to an image from this site:
img src="https://www.heavensinspirations.com/images/graphic.gif"
between the tags <>

When you copy & paste an image from my site, the URL of the image looks something like that in the html of the page or email where you've placed the image, that is direct linking. When it contains the domain name of my site (http://heavensinspirations.com/) then (images/) then (graphic name .jpg or .gif) that is 'direct' or 'hot' linking.

When someone 'hotlinks' to the images and backgrounds on this site - it uses up my bandwidth - which means I run out of bandwidth - which means my site will no longer be able to be accessed. You are allocated only so much bandwidth a month, and if that goes over, your site can no longer be accessed until the beginning of the new month.

I have had to increase my bandwidth a couple of times so far, and have had nearly a day's down time as a result of going over my allocated amount of bandwidth. So that means I have to pay more - and it's not cheap. Sites can end up closing if they can't afford or are not allowed more bandwidth.

Under each main image on each page, is a reminder to not use or direct link to the graphics. You may use the poetry, devotionals, card verses and scriptures - but not the graphics.

Please Note: You may place a link to my site from your own website, blog, emails, facebook page etc.., that is perfectly fine and not what I'm referring to here. What I'm referring to is "copying and pasting" the 'images' and placing them on your website, blog, emails, facebook page etc. That is when you end up 'hotlinking' or 'direct linking' to the images.

I hope you can see this from my perspective - and try to understand. If you want to copy & paste any of the poetry, devotionals, card verses or scriptures, you may still do so. I have replaced the 'no-right click' script on each page, with another 'no-right click' script that applies to the images only, so you now can right click to copy the text.

If you have a website and you want to use websets like what I have used here, please upload the sets to your own server - from the graphic sites where I have uploaded them from. Click on the link below to go to the graphic sites page. Be sure to read their TERMS OF USE before uploading them. Thank you.


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