Devotional: Being a Friend

Children's Devotion on Friendship


We read here that David and Jonathon were very close friends. Friendship is so very precious to the Lord, but friendship can also be 'complicated'. Our friends can sometimes hurt our feelings and we can also hurt our friends feelings.

Let's look at what being a friend means:

  • You enjoy being with them.

  • You accept them for who they are.

  • You have respect for them.

  • You believe the best of them.

  • You speak the truth in love.

  • You encourage them

  • You support them by sticking up for them.

  • You help them when they are in need.

  • You value their opinion (even when you don't agree).

  • You're quick to say 'Sorry'

Being a friend doesn't mean we always agree with what they say or even like everything they like. We are all unique with different likes and dislikes, different interests and different views. Instead of it being a conflict in our friendships, maybe we should think of it as 'complementing' our friendships. Even though there are these differences, our friendships can still flourish if we learn to accept our friends for who they are and have respect for them. We shouldn't try to 'change' them to be more like ourselves.

Even if we don't get along with someone, it doesn't give us the right to be mean to them. We should be friendly towards everyone. There will always be people in our lives that we don't get on with, but we should always show ourselves to be 'friendly'.

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Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. - 1 Peter 4:8 (ESV)

Lord, I thank you for all my friends. Please help me to be a true friend by not responding in a hurtful way when disagreement arises. Show me how to respond in love. Lord, I pray you'll help me to appreciate my friend's point of view even if I disagree–because everybody's view is important. In Jesus Name.


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