Christian Poem: A Child's Grief

Christian Bereavement Poem on a child's grief

Christian Poem about helping a child deal with their grief


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A Child's Grief

Lord, you care so much
For the tears of a hurting child,
Who has felt the grief of tragedy,
Now no longer wears a smile

Unable to clearly express
How much he's hurting inside,
Not fully understanding the pain
Nor knowing the reasons 'why'

He wants so much to reach out
To someone who will listen,
Someone that can hold him close
And respond with godly wisdom

For he just needs a grown up
To know what he's going through,
But often we don't realize his grief
Because we are hurting too

Let him know you care, Lord
And will be there when we're not
The emptiness he feels within,
May be filled with you, oh God

May he know you as a father
And know you're by his side
To come and wipe his tears away,
When alone, he silently cries

Hold him in your arms, Lord
So he will be at peace
Allow us all to give him time
In dealing with his grief

For tears may last all night,
But joy comes in the morning
So let him grieve throughout the night,
For a new day will be dawning.

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