Christian Poem: Connected To The Vine Of Christ

Christian poem on being connected to the vine of Christ

Christian poem on producing fruit for God based on John 15:1-8

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Connected To The Vine Of Christ

We must stay connected
To the vine of Jesus Christ,
The very source of our faith
And the meaning for our lives

For we will produce much fruit
As we draw from the vine
The nourishment of the Lord,
Which feeds our souls and minds

But if we fail to stay
Connected to the Lord
And abide in His promises
We long ago were taught

Then we will be cut off
Unable to produce
The lasting and abundant fruit
That God so longs to use

For the Lord wants us to be
Reflecting Jesus Christ
So the world will clearly see
The love of God inside

We need to allow the Lord
To take our branches and prune
The part that's become withered
So we'll continue to bloom.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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