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Children's Devotion on showing mercy to others

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This parable is an illustration of God's mercy and forgiveness towards us.

The king had mercy on his servant and wiped his debt—because the servant begged him to be patient with him and have mercy on him. This servant had a huge debt that he couldn't possibly pay back, but the king had compassion on him and wiped it clean. However, when the servant went on his way, he saw his fellow servant who owed him a mere pittance and ordered that he be thrown in prison. Shouldn't this servant who had been forgiven much, show the same mercy towards his fellow servant? He was, just moments before, shown incredible mercy by the king, yet he couldn't show the same mercy to his fellow man.

God has shown us all the greatest mercy ever known. He has wiped our debt clean when Christ died on the cross—though we didn't deserve it. So, when we come to Him and ask for forgiveness, He grants it to us—but He expects us to show the same mercy and forgiveness to others as well.

Is there a time you can think of when you could have shown mercy and forgiveness? Maybe you would like to pray this prayer with me:

Lord, I do thank you that you showed me mercy and forgave my sins. I'm sorry for the times when I haven't shown the same mercy or forgiveness to others. Please help me to be more forgiving. In Jesus' name.

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So be merciful (sympathetic, tender, responsive, and compassionate) even as your Father is [all these]. - Luke 6:36 (AMPC)

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