Devotional: Having A Dream

Children's Devotion on Having a God-given Dream


Joseph was a real dreamer. God gave him a dream and though he went through a lot, he never gave up on his dream. God made it a reality as Joseph honoured Him in his life.

God has a dream for you too. When you discover that dream, run with it, no matter what the difficulties may be. There will come a day when that dream will become real. In the meantime, God is preparing you. The dream we have doesn't happen overnight. God prepares us for what He has called us to. He works within us sifting out the things that will stop what He will do in our lives.

This can seem to us a slow, and sometimes painful, process. It may seem like 'forever' to us. But all these things come together in God's timing. We may feel as though God's not doing anything–but that's when He's doing the most.

Joseph went through years of mistreatment at the hands of others. Through it all, he came out a different person. God never forgot him–or the dream.

Joseph played an important role in the saving of many lives through those long years of famine. And God has an important role for you to play in your life too.

© By M.S.Lowndes

Lord, I pray you'll help me through
The years you're preparing me,
So I can fulfil the dream you've given
As you make it a reality.

© By M.S.Lowndes

You may like to continue reading the story of Joseph. Chapter 37:23-36; Chapters 39-46. You may like to read a bit each day.


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