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Poem: Mary's Song

Christmas poem based on the Song of Mary

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Mary's Song

My soul doth magnify
And glory in the Lord
His lowly handmaiden
He has chosen over all
My spirit doth rejoice
Over God my saviour,
For He has truly blessed me
And shown great favour...

Blessed and exalted
Is the fruit of her womb
The promise from ages past
Was coming very soon
I wonder if Mary,
The servant of the Lord,
Understood with depth
The magnitude of her call

The son she brought forth
Called Holy and righteous,
Blessed Prince of Peace,
Forever there to guide us
Did she know that Jesus
Is the name above all names?
That no one else can save us
And take away our shame

Did Mary know His future
And who He really was?
Did she know the price He'd pay
Upon the blood-stained cross?
Oh a mother's heart must ache
To see her first born son
Hanging from a wooden cross,
Rejected by everyone

Did she know that He would rise
And walk among them again?
To eat and drink and share with them
Until He would ascend
He left with us His Holy Spirit,
Forever to dwell inside
I wonder if Mary ever knew
The significance of His life.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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