Christian Prayer Poem: Awareness of Your Presence

ImageInspiring Christian Poem about being aware of God's presence


Awareness of Your Presence

I know you are with me
Every moment of every day,
Cause me to be aware of you
As I don’t always feel you
Your presence
Or sense you are near.

Lord, help me be aware of you
As I focus on you
And tune into you more,
Give me an awareness
Of your presence.
I long to reach out to you
And touch you,
Experience you
And to rest in you.

You draw near to me
As I draw near to you
And you never leave me alone
Nor forsake me in my need
For you are near to me
And you walk with me.

Let me be aware of your presence,
In my every, day to day
And moment by moment walk
Let me encounter you afresh
And live in the awareness
Of your presence.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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