Devotional: Spiritual Blindness

Christian Women's Devotion on the Healing of the Blind Man


Read: John chapter 9 (NKJV)

In this story we see two kinds of blindness. One is 'Physical Blindness' with the blind man that Jesus healed. The second is 'Spiritual Blindness' that the Pharisees had, regarding Jesus. A miracle had taken place. This man who was blind, reduced to begging, was totally healed. Jesus gave him sight. Some of these Pharisees were so blind to think that just because it was the Sabbath, God could not heal! How blind is that! They were more concerned with the letter of the law than the actual miracle that took place. Are there times in our own experiences, where we may miss out on what God is doing because we think it shouldn't be done that way? We can't put God in a box and think He must act a certain way. God's ways are higher than our ways. We limit ourselves and how far we will go with God because we limit Him.

Why did Jesus need to mix mud and smear it on the blind man's eyes? Why couldn't He just 'speak the word' to heal him? Could it be because it was the 'Sabbath' (V:14), and He knew the hearts of the Pharisees? Their spiritual blindness got in the way of 'seeing' this miracle that Christ performed.

May we never be that way. Let us rejoice in the miracles God does in people's lives. Let us not limit what God can do. Ask Him today to open the eyes of your heart so you will 'see'.

© By M.S.Lowndes

But even if our Gospel (the glad tidings) also be hidden (obscured and covered up with a veil that hinders the knowledge of God), it is hidden [only] to those who are perishing and obscured [only] to those who are spiritually dying and veiled [only] to those who are lost. For the god of this world has blinded the unbelievers' minds [that they should not discern the truth], preventing them from seeing the illuminating light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ (the Messiah), who is the image and likeness of God. - 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 (AMPC)

O Lord Jesus, make me see
The wondrous things you do
Open the eyes of my heart
To clearly see it's you.

© By M.S.Lowndes



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