Choices: A Christian Declaration

Inspirational message on choosing God first—in total Surrender


I CHOOSE to TRUST in God and leave it in His hands

I CHOOSE to LOVE my neighbour and treat them with respect

I CHOOSE to RESPOND like Jesus when anger starts to rise

I CHOOSE to FORGIVE others because Christ first forgave me

I CHOOSE to Live in God's peace when I give Him my concerns

I CHOOSE to BE LED by God's Spirit and walk in His power each day

I CHOOSE to BECOME more like Jesus and walk in His victory

I CHOOSE to OFFER praise to God when my soul is overwhelmed

I CHOOSE to SET my mind on Christ, not on worldly distractions

I CHOOSE to BE OBEDIENT to God even when I don't understand


I CHOOSE to LIVE a surrendered life to the one who does understand.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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