Christian Sentiment: Who I Am In God

Christian Inspirational Declaration on Identity

Declaring in prayer who we are in Christ and what Jesus has done for us

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Who I Am In God

I am an overcomer—because You have overcome.

I am victorious—because of Your resurection victory.

I am Your child—because You have adopted me.

I am free from sin—because Your blood has redeemed me.

I am forgiven—because You have washed me clean.

I am healed—because of Your wounds.

I am justified—through faith in You.

I am revived—through the water of Your Word.

I am wonderfully made—because Your works are wonderful.

I am Your workmanship—designed with a purpose and destiny.

I am at peace—because I look to You, not my circumstances.

I am contented—because my satisfaction is in You.

I am a new creation—because You make all things new.

I am FREE—because Your truth sets me FREE!

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