Christian Poem: God's Living Water

Christian poem on being watered and refreshed with God's Living Water

Christian Poem on God's Living Water

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God's Living Water

As the deer pants for water,
So my soul longs for you
I stand in a dry and barren land
With no hope to hold on to

O Lord, my inner self cries out,
Come wash me with your word
And let your living water flow down
To quench my dying thirst

I know these times of barrenness
Are sent to test my faith
But Lord, I long to once again
Be refreshed by your grace

So Lord, I come before your throne
Where rivers of grace flow free,
I stand below and bathe in it
As it gently washes me

And soothes the dryness of my soul,
Healing as it revives,
Restoring the hope that I had lost
While refreshing my faith in Christ.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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