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Devotional: Into The Unfamiliar

Christian Women's Devotion on stepping into the unfamiliar

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...So she left the place where she was living, her two daughters-in-law with her, and they started on the way back to the land of Judah... (v.17 AMP)

Sometimes, we may think it's easier to stay in the familiar—it feels safe and the right fit for us. But it's not always beneficial for us. Life's journey may take us into the unfamiliar places, experiencing unfamiliar things. It can bring with it some apprehension and anxiety. But if it's somewhere God is leading us, or something God is leading us into, be it something new He wants to do in our lives or a challenging season we must face, He will meet us there and walk through it with us— teaching us, guiding us, showing us and growing us.

As we walk into the unfamiliar, we experience more growth in God, but if we think it's all just way too hard or scary and we choose to stay in the 'safe and familiar', we won't experience the growth we would have experienced had we stepped out into the unknown. We won't have a deeper encounter with God in the same way by staying in the safe zone. We must remember, God will always meet us in the unfamiliar places. He is there waiting for us to make the first move—to take that step of faith.

Whatever we do, and wherever we go, we can experience God's presence—often though, we are just not 'aware' of His presence. But even in those times when we're unaware of His presence, by faith, we must choose to put our trust in Him, knowing that He doesn't lead us into the unfamiliar just to leave us there alone. He is always with us!

God wants to 'grow us' and deepen our relationship with Him, and often this can only be accomplished when we step out into a new experience with Him—into the unfamiliar!

© By M.S.Lowndes

Peter replied to Him, "Lord, if it is [really] You, command me to come to You on the water." He said, "Come!" So Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus. - Matthew 14:28-29 (AMP)

Lord, help me not to linger
In the familiar place,
But help me put aside my fears
And take that step of faith.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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