Christian Poem: Wilderness Experiences


Christian Poem about times of struggles being likened to a wilderness

Christian Poem on the wildreness times of our Christian walk


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Wilderness Experiences

When we're in the wilderness
In a barren, empty land,
We long to just be refreshed
And feel our master's hand

To know that He is with us
Still guiding us along,
But we feel so awfully distant
And our lips without a song

We feel our cries go unheard,
Just falling on deaf ears
We think the Lord has not replied
And He doesn't seem to care

The emptiness we feel inside
Is so deep within our souls
We long so much for God to come,
To restore and make us whole

Sometimes in life we go through times
Of anguish and of doubt,
But we must hold on to this truth,
That God's love won't run out

And we, in time, will know His love,
Filling our hearts once more
And that His prensence was there with us
In the wilderness before.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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