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Christian Poem: To Carry On With Christ

A Christian Poem about carrying on despite our failings

Christian Poem on trusting Christ, though we fail

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To Carry On With Christ

Lord, there's so many times in life
That I seem to fail you,
I get caught up in the circumstances
And not think of praying it through

So you may intervene at those times
When I feel I'm losing control,
For you to give me inspired wisdom
Like precious nuggets of gold

I long so much to be like Christ
In every area of my life,
Though it seems an endless battle for me
And the pain wells up inside

I’m sorry, Lord, for how I react
To the pressures that I face
Help me, I pray, to stop and think
And respond in the light of your grace

So I may be a true reflection
Of Jesus Christ, my Lord,
To reach out to you when I feel weak
And when I begin to fall

It's such a comfort to know that you
Will be there by my side
And place in me a brand-new hope
To carry on with Christ.

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