Devotional: Standing Firm

Christian Devotion about standing firm in the Lord

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"...Be alert and on your guard; stand firm in your faith (your conviction respecting man's relationship to God and divine things, keeping the trust and holy fervour born of faith and a part of it). Act like men and be courageous; grow in strength!..." - 1 Corinthians 16: 13 (AMP)

More, now than ever before, we need to stand firm in our faith. With all the corruption in this world and temptations alluring us away, we need to stand firm. With all the variations of Christianity, false doctrines and religions bringing confusion, and pulling us away from the truth, we need to be on guard and stand firm on biblical truth - and our faith. These times we live in now are so difficult. But no matter what the world says, no matter how right it may sound, we need to stand on the truth.

I had a T-Shirt that said, "If you don't stand for the truth, chances are you'll fall for the lies." How very true that statement is, and sums it up nicely.

Keep on standing upon God's Word
And don't depart from the truth you've heard.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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