Christian Poem: Broken Vessel

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God lovingly heals and restores us

Christian Poem on being likened to a broken vessel


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Broken Vessel

I feel like a broken vessel
In need of constant repair,
For over time I've become worn
And cracks have now appeared

Though at times I've tried to mask,
What are now visible flaws,
But the strain becomes way too much
When the cracks deepen more

For when God fills me with His love
It just trickles through the gaps,
Then once again I'm emptied out
With even wider cracks

So, I'm left alone to ask the Lord
How He could possibly use
A vessel so clearly battered,
Broken, worn and bruised

He smiles and gently answers,
"Though your vessel may be rough,
I see that there's much potential
To hold more of my love

For I know this vessel so well,
Every crack the years produced,
And I can heal the brokenness,
So it's fit for kingdom use"

Then He reaches out His hand to me
And touches each crack and tear,
Healing and restoring the parts
In need of desperate repair

And over time His restoration
Reveals a vessel restored
And filled again with Himself,
To do the work of the Lord.

© By M.S.Lowndes



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