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In Quiet Communion

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I gave you life
Through giving of myself,
My broken body
And my blood poured out

So take and eat
And have my life within
Remember that I
Have forgiven all your sins

So as you remember
All that I did for you,
My death on the cross
And all the beatings too

But more than that
I rose from the dead
And won the victory
Over Satan and of death

In your union with me,
Even though you may die,
You can know my victory
And have eternal life

But until that time,
Come often to my table,
Eat and drink of me,
For I am truly able

To conquer evil
That war against the Lord,
For I shall deliver
Those that I have called

And give unto you
The peace I only give,
So you may be led
And begin to really live.

© By M.S.Lowndes

For use of this poem, please see my 'Terms Of Use' page.

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Take and eat as you remember
The sacrifice that I made,
The bread and wine that represents
The life I willingly gave

My body beaten and pierced with nails,
My blood poured from my side,
For it was the only way for you
To receive eternal life

As you sit and reflect a moment,
Confess your sins to me
Let my blood cleanse you again
So you will truly be free

And if you need a healing touch,
Reach out to me today,
For in this quiet communion time
Your healing is already made

Then when you’re ready to partake,
Be thankful and be glad,
For you, my child, have many blessings
That others do not have

So let this communion time extend
To bless somebody else,
Reaching out to touch a life
That may be in need of help

But don’t let this time just pass you by,
Not letting it touch your need,
For I’ve ordained this communion time
So you can fellowship with me

© By M.S.Lowndes

For use of this poem, please see my 'Terms Of Use' page.

Created by Nigel Henderson

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