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Christian Children's Easter Lesson

You need 12 plastic Easter eggs. Inside each egg, you put a verse of the "Easter/Resurrection" Story and an item to represent that. You number the eggs 1 - 12 with a marker, then we hide them and the kids hunt for them. Once they've found them all, we open each egg in order and read the "Easter/Resurrection" story from the pieces of paper. Here's what you put in each egg and the scripture to write on a piece of paper inside each egg as well...

#1 - a piece of a cracker, broken (Matt. 26:26)

#2 - 3 silver dimes (3 pieces of silver) (Matt. 26:14-15)

#3 - 1 purple piece of cloth (felt or material - represents the purple robes) (Mark 15:17)

#4 - (thorns from any bush or rose) (Matt. 27:29)

#5 - scourge (piece of thick string or rope tied to a twig) (Mark 15:15)

#6 - Cross made of toothpicks (John 19:17-18a)

#7 - 3 Nails (John 20:25b)

#8 - Sign (King of the Jews) (Luke 23:38)

#9 - Sponge (Matt. 27:48)

#10 - Spear (toothpick or straight nail) (John 19:34)

#11 - Rock (Matt. 27:59-60)

#12 - EMPTY!!! (Matt. 28:6)

- Author Unknown

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