Devotional: Keeping Our Cool!

Christian Devotion about getting along with each other



"...And we earnestly beseech you, brethren, admonish (warn and seriously advise) those who are out of line [the loafers, the disorderly, and the unruly]; encourage the timid and fainthearted, help and give your support to the weak souls, [and] be very patient with everybody [always keeping your temper]..." - 1 Thessalonians 5:14 (AMPC))

We are the body of Christ and we are all at different stages of our faith. We are to encourage and uplift each other. Even those of us that may be strong in our faith may have areas where we are weak and vulnerable and need support and encouragement. And those new to the faith, or those that may not have their roots quite deep enough yet, need a lot of support and encouragement as well.

Sometimes it's hard to be patient and 'keep our tempers'. We all rub each other up the wrong way at times–but that happens in families. We're all learning and growing. The thing is to 'work through it', and love and respect each other in the process. So much of the dysfunction and splitting in church is either over 'doctrines' or 'petty arguments'. People get hurt and leave. We have to be mindful of how we respond to disagreements–keeping our cool!

We need to keep cool when we disagree,
Remembering to keep the unity

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