Devotional: Keeping The Zeal

Christian Devotion about being zealous for the Lord

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"...Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeavor; be aglow and burning with the Spirit, serving the Lord..." - Romans 12:11 (AMPC)

As we serve the Lord in whatever He has given us to do, we need to keep the zeal or passion for it. It is this 'passion' that keeps us going when it seems too much or 'fruitless'. There are many times of testing and of stretching when we are serving the Lord.

There have been many times like these in my own life. I felt there wasn't much 'fruit' produced in what I was doing for the Lord, and I wanted to be moving on and doing more. Sometimes I felt I wasn't making much difference. But the 'passion' I had within me, kept me going. We need to keep the zeal, no matter how frustrating it can be at times. Keep the passion burning as you serve the Lord.

No matter how frustrated we feel,
As we serve the Lord, don't lose the zeal.

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