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Christian Poetic Prayer: Magnifying God

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Magnifying God

I choose to magnify you in my life,
To make you bigger
Than anything else—
To make you bigger
Than my own wants,
So that your desires outweigh
My own desires,
And that what I truly desire will be
What you desire for me.

Help me, Lord, to magnify you
In my life, in my heart.
Let everything I do
Be done out of a God-awareness.
Let everything I see
Be filtered through God-understanding.
Let everything I think
Be cloaked in Godly knowledge.
Let everything I speak
Be laced with Godly wisdom.

I want you, Lord,
To be magnified in my life
So much so that nothing earthly,
Nothing of this world,
Will matter more than you
Or even be compared to you—
So, may I decrease, and you increase,
May you be more in my life than I am.

Help me put off selfishness,
Self-centredness and self-indulgence,
And put on more of you.
As you become 'bigger',
More 'magnified' in my life,
The more content I will be
With who I am,
And the more I will become like you—Jesus!

© By M.S.Lowndes

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