Christian Poem: You Have A Part To Play


Christian Poem about having a part to play in the Body of Christ

Using our gifts & talents no matter how unimportant we feel it is


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You Have A Part To Play

Each one of God's children
Has a special part to play,
Whether it be great or small,
We are needed every day

If your part seems very small,
Don't feel you're insignificant
Don't feel that you can't offer much
And you wouldn't make a difference

Though you're tempted to give up
And let another take your place,
Remember, God gave you your gifts
And you cannot be replaced

And these gifts that God has given,
He longs for you to share
You're just as important as anyone,
So don't be in despair

The only one who matters most
Is watching for your part,
With much anticipation
And excitement in His heart

So do not disappoint Him
By not taking your cue,
Though you think it unimportant,
This part is made for you

Don't let God walk away
With a disappointed heart
Because you felt so unworthy
Of your very special part

The parts that we've been given
Isn't based on size at all,
But rather on the abilities
And the gifting of the Lord

For each part is important
To make the whole thing work,
So do your part with enthusiasm
And know that you have worth.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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