Christian Poem: Is There Hope?


Christian Poem about depression

Going through deep anguish of soul


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Is There Hope?

It can sometimes seem to us
As though we fall behind,
Other things seem to emerge
That crowds our troubled minds
There are days we feel as though
We can't take it anymore,
What's the use of carrying on
When we struggle in the Lord?

Why all this needless grief?
And why do we carry on?
Frustration is our only friend
And the hope we had is gone
Each new day that we face
Is the dawning of the same,
We feel a sense of hopelessness
When we see that nothing's changed

Joylessness and uselessness,
It seems it's all we have
Even though we proclaim Christ,
We've lost the spark we had
The anguish of the Christian soul
So twisted in our grief,
It seems as though it will never end,
Our hearts continually bleed

Is there hope in carrying on?
Is there hope in God?
Who is He that will carry us
When we're in spiritual fog?
Though at times we feel these things,
God stays faithful and true
He fully understands our pain
And He sheds a tear or two

Jesus, too, has felt real anguish
In Gethsemane that night,
Torn between living His life
And what He knew was right
And even on the cross He felt
The heaviness of our sin,
He saw the pain deep in our hearts
And the prison we are in

He won the victory over death,
In His hand, He holds the keys
That unlocks our prison doors
And sets our spirits free
So, yes, there's hope in carrying on
And reason to believe,
Jesus Christ is our hope in life
And for Eternity.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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