Christian Prayer Poem: When Abiding in God's Word

ImageInspiring Christian Prayer Poem about God's Unshakable Word


When Abiding in God's Word

Your Word is unshakable
Sure, stable and enduring
Even if the mountains shake
And the earth crumbles
At its very core,
Your Word remains immovable
It will never be shaken.

Your Word brings forth new growth,
Even in the barren places
And in the desert, the wilderness
Of my soul.
Your Word brings hope
As it waters and refreshes.

Till the soil
And plough up the weeds
That have sprouted in my heart.
The weeds of discontentment,
Frustration, pride & unforgiveness
Weeds of bondage to lies
Feelings of hopelessness
Weed it all out, Lord.

Allow the soil of my heart
To be fertile ground for your Word,
The seeds of your Word,
So, as you plant them in my heart
They will quickly begin to sprout
And produce an abundant crop,
Fruit that will never rot or perish
But is eternal, everlasting.
Let the soil of my heart
Be pure, fertile and ready to receive
Your Word in all its beauty,
Splendour and majesty.

Your perfect, eternal Word
Which never fails to prosper
Accomplishes all that you intend.
Your Word is alive and active
Sharper than any two-edged sword
To penetrate deep, deep
Into the core of my being.

Your Word will always bring
Renewal to my mind,
Change in my heart,
Restoration to the Father,
Forgiveness of my sins,
Freedom from Satan's lies,
Deliverance from the enemy,
Healing of my past,
Hope for the future
And peace in my present
As I abide in your Word.

© By M.S.Lowndes

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