Christian Poem About Child Abuse

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Christian Poem relating to Physical, Verbal & Sexual Child Abuse

Christian Poem on how child abuse affects those who have been abused

This is a poem I wrote a few years ago on Child Abuse. Feel free to pass it on to any one you may think it may help.

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Silent Cries

Lord, can you hear the silent cries
Of a soul that's been abused?
Do you see the bleeding wound
Of one that's battered and bruised?

Do you see the wounded spirit
Broken by someone's lust?
Now finding it hard to function at all,
Bearing scars of broken trust

Do you see the child that faces
Ridicule and hurtful words?
Being told they're useless and unworthy,
Is all that some have heard

Often all these things that happen
Lie buried deep inside
Where nobody hears the silent crying
Nor sees the pain they hide

We often ask through anger and hurt
And through tears the questions 'Why'
And where was God in the midst of this?
Did He hear my cry?

And why, Lord, did you not respond
And stop the evil done?
Did your heart break in two
Like it must have for your Son?

I guess we may never know
Why we go through so much pain,
All we can be sure of Lord,
Is your love remains the same

I'm sure it must have hurt you, Lord,
To see your child suffer
And to see them still dealing with
The inflicted sin of another

Lord, I pray they'd be released
And wholeness be restored
And that they'll know fullness of life
That comes from you, O Lord.

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