Baby Dedication Poem
- For a Boy

Christian Poem For a Baby Dedication - Boy


The Baby Dedication Poem, 'The Gift Of A Child', has been rewritten for a 'boy' and you may use it for a Baby Dedication. If you are a single parent wanting to use this poem for your child's dedication, click on: Single Parent's Version and one for 'twins', click on: Twins Version.

*Note* There are more Baby verses in the 'Card Verses' area. These can be used for creating e-cards, creating your own homemade cards, or for use on a specal occasion.

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God has blessed the union
Of a husband and a wife
With a beautiful little boy
Bringing joy into their lives


For children are blessings
Sent from God above,
A precious gift heaven sent,
An expression of God's love


On the foundation of this love,
May this little boy grow,
Discovering the truths of God
And to one day come to know


That Jesus Christ is Lord of all
And has an awesome plan,
A destiny only he can fulfil
As he takes God by the hand


And walks with Him every day
With God's vision for his life,
And godly passion to fulfil
The commission of Jesus Christ.

© By M.S.Lowndes


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